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  • Some important tips for IELTS test day

    Some Helpful and Important tips for IELTS test day
    Wed, Apr 08, 2020

    Some important tips for IELTS test day

    The International English language testing system is the full form of IELTS. It is one of the very important and easiest examinations that can help you reach abroad and fulfil your dreams of higher studies and work abroad. You can take the help of the best IELTS coaching in Gurgaon for preparing well for the examination and performing all the formalities required. Here are some important tips that you need to follow on the big day of taking the test:

    1.    Be on time

    2.    Carry documents properly

    3.    Be calm and composed

    4.    Read the instructions carefully

    5.    Follow the instructions

    Be on time

    Being punctual is very important in life also. You must be punctual whenever you are going to take any kind of examination and you are well aware of this. On the day of taking the IELTS examination also, don't be late at any cost. Don't think that it is conducted online and therefore it is easy to manipulate the responsibility holders of the test centre. This is not at all going to be the case and you might suffer in case you do not reach on time.

    Carry documents properly

    You need to read the instructions carefully and carry all the important documents that are going to see your identification correctly. Carry all the original documents. No documents should look blurred. Therefore, you are advised to laminate your original documents as soon as you get them so that you don’t have to face any problem on such a big day.

    Be calm and composed

    Whenever you are giving any examination you must keep yourself calm and composed. Don't feel any kind of pressure because it is an international examination. All the people at the test centre will be absolutely ethical and genuine. You will have normal experience and you don’t have to undergo any kind of pressure. Do not panic at any point in time even if you face any technical problems while giving the online test. You will be given all kinds of possible help.

    Read the instructions carefully

    You must remember to read the instructions carefully before you begin the test. If you are going to forget this important detail, you may have to suffer in case you miss any important point. It can be related to the time that you are allotted to take the test, the rules that you need to follow while taking the test like going to the loo, not keeping the mobile phone with you, not looking here and there, etc. If you miss any of these rules and make any unaccepted activity, you may get yourself dismissed from taking the test. All the centres are extremely conscious about following the rules and in case you are caught doing something wrong, you will not be able to give the excuse of not have read the instructions.

    Follow the instructions

    You might have taken other examinations since childhood a little casually but you are advised to not take any instruction lightly at the test centre of the IELTS examination. Follow all the instructions very carefully. Here are some of the important instructions:

    1.    Kindly keep your mobile phone switched off

    2.    If you have any other electronic gadgets or devices, you need to switch them off to.

    3.    Keep all your belongings out of the test room

    4.    You are not entitled to get any break while taking the reading, listening and writing test. You have to set inside the classroom for 2 hours and 40 minutes continuously. If you want to go to the loo, drink water or eat something, do it beforehand.

    5.    Follow all the instructions of the invigilator or supervisor without making any arguments or excuses whether you believe you are right or wrong or not. IELTS coaching in Gurgaon will update you with further details as and when required.

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