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  • How to prepare for questions of the speaking test in IELTS?

    How to prepare for questions of the speaking test in IELTS?
    Fri, Nov 22, 2019

    How to prepare for questions of the speaking test in IELTS?

    Whenever you are going to prepare for an interview, you need to understand the very important point that you hold the remote control of the interviewer. The interview verbal only asks you the questions that are based on the information was given by you while introducing yourself or the information that is mentioned by your resume or CV. If you can understand the type of questions that can be made on whatever you are speaking, your interview will become predictable to the extent of 60 to 70%and it will be easier for you to get through it suggested by Best IELTS Coaching in Gurgaon.


    Suppose you talk about playing cricket. You must be ready with the answers that can be asked using how concerning cricket. You must know how it is played, how was it started, how some changes can be made in it, how did you get into playing cricket, how you got incline towards it to this extent, etc.


    'When' is the next question word that can be asked, in different ways by the interviewer. For example, if we continue talking about cricket, the interviewer asks when did you start playing cricket, when did you start watching cricket, when do you play cricket as a hobby, when do you watch cricket, etc.


    'Who' is the next question word that you must consider. It is pretty simple. ‘Who’ gets fit in very fewer questions like who is your ideal, who is your favourite celebrity in cricket, who do you like the most and why etc. Who and whom can be replaced with each other and the form of the questions can be whom you admire the most, who do you like the most, etc.


    'Where' can be used in asking questions like where do you play cricket, where do you prefer to play cricket, where you played cricket earlier special in your childhood, where you started playing cricket and if you liked that.

    How long

    'How long' are another common compound question word that can be used. The questions that can be formed in the context of cricket are how long do you play cricket, how long do you want to play cricket, etc.

    You do not have to put extreme efforts in preparing the answers to these questions because these are very general questions. You only need to let your mind think about them once and talk about them so that there are no chances of fumbling. Our IELTS Coaching Centre in Gurgaon will prepare you well within a list of these questions.

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