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  • How to prepare for IELTS Reading Test?

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    Tue, Sep 25, 2018

    How to prepare for IELTS Reading Test?

    Tips by Best IELTS coaching Center in Gurgaon 

    For an individual, IELTS is an important medium to get hold of the dreams to study abroad. The total time allotted for the IELTS test is 2 hours and 45 minutes. The 3 modules of ILETS test viz. listening, reading and writing are taken together. But the speaking test may be held on a different day. When a candidate prepares for IELTS Reading test, s/he must keep few things in mind.

    One should switch over to English completely from any other languages such as Hindi or other regional languages. A candidate must familiarize herself/himself with the IELTS test as much as possible. It would be best to master the time management techniques for IELTS. When it comes to reading, an IELTS aspirant must practice as many reading passages as possible. Quantity as well as quality of reading passages is important. There are difficulties on the way and it would be difficult to see progress after each passage but you must show patience. 

    Do not underestimate yourself while practicing. Insufficient practice would bring your score down. You need proper guidance to practice from the best IELTS coaching Center in Gurgaon. Those students/aspirants who are not very comfortable with the English language should read more novels, newspapers, magazines etc. in English. You can take a large number of tips on YouTube on how to score best in IELTS reading. But, ultimately, good practice is definitely the key to obtain high score in IELTS reading.

    There are 60 minutes allotted to IELTS reading – including both the Academic Reading and General Training Reading. All the answers in IELTS reading must be entered on an answer sheet during the test. You do not get extra time, more than 60 minutes, for writing answers as it happens in Listening.

    You should learn to read quickly and understand the most important points. It takes time to develop this mindset. Our trainers guide you to achieve it in a short span of time. They coach you to how to provide specific answers in limited time. They coach you on how to be a fluent reader. Increasing reading speed without losing comprehension is must.

    You need to learn be very quick at reading and at the same time correct in understanding. Understanding the essence of the question is essential. You need to catch the soul of the question and then provide the answer to it. You must focus on the key message in the text and then also focus on some specific details of the same. This is a skill that generally takes time to develop but at the same time if you practice thoroughly, you would develop the art quickly. 

    Apart from all these, the best IELTS coaching center in Gurgaon have a proper study plan for students.