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  • Format of IELTS test listening- Part I

    Format of IELTS test listening(Part 1)
    Wed, Mar 25, 2020

    Format of IELTS test listening- Part I

    Examination of IELTS based on some important parameters of the English language like reading, writing, listening and speaking. All the parameters have a particular kind of format of the test. We are going to discuss each test in detail. Your IELTS coaching in Gurgaon is going to help you with all the important points that you need to understand. The details are going to be in two parts. The first part of this blog is going to you tell the description of the test and the marking. The next smarts will describe the task types that you need to take.

    Recordings to listen

    You will be served with four kinds of recordings. These recordings will be in the voice of native English speakers. After listening to each recording you will have to answer the questions based on the content given in these recordings. Note the details of the recordings:

           Recording I: this is the very first recording which is a conversation that takes place between two people chatting about general everyday matters of life. It can be related to education, marriage, etc. 

           Recording II: The second recording is a speech given by one person. It can be related to any topic. This is very important and difficult because you do not have the other person's conversation to have an idea of what a person is speaking in case you are not able to understand. 

           Recording III: It is a piece of communication with so many people. Please open about training and education.

           Recording IV: It is often an academic session by the professor so that it can be tested whether you understand accented language.

    The test of listening: description

    Important points covered are:

           Format of paper

           Allotted time

           Number of questions

           Task types (in the next blog)



    Format of paper

    Out of the four recordings, you will listen to one recording at a time and you need to mark the answers given in the answer sheet. Read the instructions very carefully and mark the answers within the stipulated time because after that the second recording has to be played. It will be followed by marking the answers for the second listening text. Be ready to understand the natives of Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, America, and Australia. 

    Allotted time

    The time available for you, is going to be 30 minutes or half an hour. You are also given transfer time. This transfer time is to transfer the answers to a final answer sheet. This time is given and a separate sheet for answers is given so that the mistakes in a hurry can be avoided. These mistakes can be dangerous for you because you will have to lose marks because of them.


    The marking is done by the people who are certified in checking the answers. They need to take the training to do so and get the certification. The answer sheets are sent to Cambridge assessment English so that the analysis can take place further. This is all about the points discussed here regarding the format of listening test bye the best IELTS institute in Gurgaon.

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