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  • Critical Thinking Skills in IELTS - IELTS Coaching in Gurgaon | Haryana

    Critical Thinking Skills in IELTS - IELTS Coaching in Gurgaon | Haryana
    Mon, May 20, 2019

    Critical Thinking Skills in IELTS

    Critical thinking is the ability of a person to think clearly and rationally; understanding the logical connection between ideas. In simple words, critical thinking involves reasoning. A critical thinker is an active learner rather than being a passive recipient of information.

    We offer the best IELTS preparation classes in Gurgaon and help IELTS candidates develop critical thinking skills in all areas of IELTS. “Is Critical Thinking needed for IELTS Preparation?” is a question that leaves many of our IELTS candidates puzzled in the initial stage. Even you, as a reader of this blog must understand that one cannot score a high band score without demonstrating critical thinking skills during the IELTS preparation and examination process.

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    Is critical thinking related to IELTS exam?

    It’s true that in order to score high band score you must memorizing long lists of vocabulary, provide correct answers to grammar exercises, and do pronunciation drills. This is collection of knowledge. You may know how to structure a grammatically correct sentence and have memorized a long vocabulary but just with these rules and vocab you cannot write a good article. You need critical thinking skills to do so. Critical thinking is application of knowledge and experiences one has acquired. We use the knowledge and experiences to understand or explain the world around us – IELTS is no exception to this.


    How does critical thinking apply in IELTS exam?

    In writing, you must think through the essay question and produce an intelligent and logical response. You would create mind-maps to create a link between various ideas related to the concept. After this organization of the concepts and ideas, you must build paragraphs intelligently. You must be able to justify and provide reason for the things you say. To sum up, building up lots of ideas using a mind map, organizing them, and then justifying them, are key to successful essay writing for IELTS.

    In the speaking test too, you should be able to demonstrate thinking skills. Part One and Part Two of IELTS speaking requires a candidate to survive by using common everyday conversations. However, Part Three requires one to respond thoughtfully to the topic.

    In the IELTS Listening test, you must demonstrate mental sharpness and alertness. For example, one needs to build excellence in listening fluency and adeptness in finding contextual meaning of words simultaneously and apply it to the situation. For instance, the word book has more than one meaning. One needs to figure out the meaning by understanding the context. In the context of a flight ticket, it might be used as a verb of booking the flight tickets while in the context of a library it may be used a noun for a book to read. But in the airport context also it may mean the noun book because one may read a book at the airport. One has to be alert as well as thoughtful to respond correctly.

    In reading, critical thinking skills help in eliminating the wrong answers in True / False / Not given. So please remember that thinking critically is a key part of scoring high in the IELTS exam. Best IELTS Coaching in Gurgaon

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